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The mind/body/soul connection – and how to fuel it

Zen lotus with petals moved by wind

We all want happier selves. We all want to feel connected, inspired, and happy. The problem is that in the quest for happiness, we sometimes get caught up in the rat race as we look for all of the external ways we can become happier – cars, homes, trips, bags, shoes, lovely furniture. I love that! You probably do too. We all do! (Unless you’re a guru, but in that case, you wouldn’t be reading this blog. You’d be out there, at the tip of a tall mountain, levitating or something cool like that.) So what happens when our quest for all of that GOODNESS (the money, the fame, the fortune, the comforts!) we end up sacrificing that inner connection with our inner compass, and our most truest self?

Things get bad. And sad. Bad and sad.

Because things start to fail us. We acquire the car, but it doesn’t help us feel complete. We land the promotion, but we’re miserable and unhappy even with that huge bonus we’ll be getting. This isn’t because the GOODNESS that we have achieved (yay!! *Pat on the back*) isn’t good, but because we suddenly feel like strangers to ourselves.

So how do you reconnect with YOU? That most important person in your life that is YOU?

Passion here is the compass. You see, when you were born, you were given a certain predisposition that has continued to developed through your life and experience. You were predisposed to like solitude, or to love to be in nature, these are things that are essential to us and to our wellbeing. The things that we like are actually the things that we need to pursue in order to feel connected to our soul. So when that connection feels lost, there has to be a little something that you enjoy, maybe even miss doing, that you can go back to. Or what if you’ve always had that little wiggling niggling feeling inside you that you wanted to learn photography? Go do it.

Perhaps you LOVE training and want to do a marathon. Do it.

When we are happy, the state of happiness brings us into a higher vibration and into alignment with our better, higher selves. In following your passions, you’re not only allowing your soul to guide you toward your path, but you’re also allowing yourself the happiness that will reconnect you fully to your amazing, incredible, unique self once again.

If, however, you’ve come to a point where things feel so off that you have trouble remembering what you’re passionate about, there are other ways to help reconnect with yourself. I know you think I’m going to say meditation, but I’m actually not. I’ve found that meditation is hard to do sometimes, and when I’m feeling stressed it’s near impossible. So my solution is actually chakra alignment.

It’s astonishing, but every time I feel off and go to have a chakra massage, I always notice the masseuse discovers at least one blocked chakra. And it always relates to the problem that I’m having. The throat chakra if I’m swallowing back my words. My solar plexus chakra if I am experiencing low confidence and self-esteem, etc.

A chakra massage is a great way to rebalance all of your energy centers and start to feel like yourself again. But if you don’t know anyone in your town or city who offers these services, fear not! Listening to a chakra balancing guided meditation video can be equally helpful.

I usually head over to You Tube and search “chakra balancing guided meditation” and pick the one that most calls to me. Usually listening to just one clears up my problem, but if it comes back the next day, I will repeat the video twice or three times, until I feel calm, grounded and happy again.

The rat race isn’t a bad thing. It’s quite fun, and it gets all of our juices flowing in our efforts to become better selves, have better lives, and build the future of our dreams. We just need to remember to stop for a moment and fuel up the soul so that we don’t leave it behind. We want our soul there with us in every milestone, every step of the way. 🙂



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