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My my, what big teeth you have! (And so white too!)

Activated charcoal powder shot with macro lens

You know that little story. AH, OKAY, I CONFESS! It’s actually one of my favorites. Little Red Riding Hood. Those big gleaming teeth really did give the wolf away, didn’t they? And unfortunately they give us away too. I can always tell when I’m having too much coffee because my teeth start looking gross! So gross I can’t even tell you! I hate looking at them in the mirror and watching them get from white to worse.

I have tried the home whitening systems, but I find them uncomfortable to use – and they also make my teeth a little too sensitive. I don’t know about you, but I don’t go around searching for painful things for myself. I rather enjoy feeling pleasant instead. So I discovered one way to whiten my teeth that has been incredibly effective, cheap, and easy too!

Activated charcoal.

That’s right. Make it food grade, because aside from whitening your teeth, this baby can save you a visit to the hospital when you suffer from any kind of food poisoning. Trust me, I’ve been food poisoned five times – two with hospital visits. The other three, I was saved by activated charcoal.

I first discovered this black little gem when my dogs accidentally ate a couple of grapes that had fallen to the floor. It was Sunday, my vet was closed, and I panicked. I called the poisoning center and they told me to watch my dogs. I did, and yep, they began throwing up. By then I’d Googled remedies and heard about “activated charcoal” all over. I had none, but that wasn’t a problem. Because as long as you have some bread, you can slip a slice into the toaster and burn it until it’s completely charred black. You scrape all of the charred black stuff off the bread, down it with water, and voila! Activated charcoal to the rescue.

But back to shiny white teeth to put the wolf to shame: using the charcoal from bread might be a little tricky because ideally, a very fine black charcoal will stick (and draw impurities) from your teeth best. So order yourself a small bag of food grade activated charcoal. I use this one. Every night simply brush your teeth with the charcoal powder, and preferably, let it sit on your teeth for five minutes every night. That’s it.

healthy teeth and smile

After the charcoal, if you want to brush with your normal toothpaste, that’s fine. But don’t forget to apply the charcoal FIVE minutes, every day, for a week or two. It’s really quite fast and SO effective you will be thrilled with your teeth and won’t be able to stop flashing those pearlys everywhere. You will definitely have reasons to smile about after this little miracle!

Just be careful when brushing because charcoal is so adhesive – it can hold 100 times its own weight. Don’t wear any white clothes that could stain.  Yep, it could stain your clothes but it will UNSTAIN your teeth! Great huh? I think so too!

Until next time 🙂 xox

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