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Are your beauty products making you sick?

When my battle with MS began about thirteen years ago, I had a host of other ailments too. Rosacea, multiple food allergies, chemical sensitivities, and digestive problems. One of the things that I kept noticing was that whenever I wore perfume, or my husband sprayed a bit of men’s fragrance on his neck, I’d be a dizzy mess for the whole day and would end up with a three-day migraine headache that would never go away.

It was my fabulous naturopath doctor that told me I should check all of my products on the Environmental Working Group cosmetics database. So I did. I checked out all my products for toxicity. They are ranked from zero to mild (in green), moderate (in yellow), to severe (in red.)

I was shocked to see that the Dove soap I was using wasn’t as clean and pure as I’d thought. Shocked to discover that my shampoo was rated a 7 (already in the red area.) And yep. I was shocked to discover that my daughter’s perfumes from Victoria’s Secret were RED and not looking clean and pretty like the company’s angels do.

My Chanel perfume? It was in the red zone too. (Shown below)

Screen Shot 2017-10-06 at 3.01.01 PM

Not a nice discovery, to realize I’d been slowly poisoning myself with chemicals for years. But at last an answer! An answer to why perfumes made me feel dizzy and like projectile vomiting whenever I dared to wear one. (Something that didn’t help my sex appeal and defeated the purpose of wearing perfume in the first place.)

I immediately replaced my soaps for castille soap, my shampoos for organic brands that were in the green, and yet I couldn’t find a good replacement for those high-end fragrances that didn’t make me woozy.

Until I one day, tried out an experiment. I dabbed a little drop of essential oil behind my ears, and on the inside of my wrists. They smelled SO nice, and NO nausea or wooziness. In fact, just the scent of these oils made me feel reenergized and natural.

I haven’t stopped since!

You can try geranium, sweet orange, lemongrass (but with this one, test a small spot first because it can tingle), or my favorite, the one that never fails me, rosemary oil.

I personally use the one by Sun Essential Oils.

The scent is just perfect and I’m always mindblown by the amount of compliments I get. It’s truly surreal that I get compliments every single time I wear it, but it stands out because of the purity of its aroma.

Plus it seems to be a scent that every nostril enjoys. ( <- did I just write that? Am I really talking about nostrils and their preferences? Oy!) But really. For every time I’d get complimented on any perfume, I get complimented about 5 times more when I wear this essential oil. Plus, it’s nontoxic. A total win-win and complete no-brainer. Try it today and let me know how it goes! šŸ™‚ Until next time.

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