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Self love

I wake up in a hurry, as usual. Quickly annoyed about not finding the perfect clothes. Stressed out before the day begins. Hey, even before breakfast, I’ve already checked on my friends’ social media three times! And compulsively checked email to see if there’s any good news to brighten up my day. There’s none.

Then I realize: I am frequently in this state.

No matter what is ahead for the day, I’m always in a hurry, stressed, and with absolutely no time to check up on someone more important than my friends, or my emails. Myself.

Has it happened to you? Where you are so caught up in your life that you forget to realize who’s the one in charge? Who’s life it is? And the importance of that human being above all others? That’s right. Taking care of yourself and your needs is not selfish. It’s self love. And I’m going to give you a tip of something I do when I realize I need to pause and give myself some love.

I stop what I’m doing. Go and look at myself in the mirror, meet my own eyes in the reflection, and say, “I forgive, accept, and love myself. Unconditionally and completely.”

Then I go off with my day, feeling tons better and more centered. For some reason adding the word “forgive” really helps, because I’ve found that a lot of us have some subconscious feelings of guilt and remorse buried deep inside of us. These little feelings, even when we don’t know where they come from, prevent us from leading a fulfilling life and reaching complete happiness. Forgiving yourself, openly and honestly, IS in fact also accepting and loving yourself. All three of these together combine for a powerful healing elixir that we can all partake of on a daily basis.

Try it out. It does me a world of good, and  then preps me to go off and do good in the world.

Have a happy day!! 🙂

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