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How I beat Candida


Are any of these your symptoms?
Trouble losing weight
Brain fog
Chronic fatigue
Constipation or digestive problems

If you said yes to most or all of these, you might think that there is really nothing you can ever do to get out of this body-hell that you seem to have fallen into. I was in this place for years.

It began when I woke up one morning, paralyzed. Two weeks in intensive care finally revealed my problem – I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. I was shocked. Up until my thirty-three years of age, I had gone to the hospital twice only – to give birth to each of my two glorious children. Other than that, I was healthy as a horse. Or so I thought. During one of my pregnancies, I began suffering from chronic sinus infections. We thought they were allergies, or bacterial, but they never seemed to respond to antibiotics and always seemed to come back with a vengeance.

Little did I know that the antibiotics I was taking were only feeding a massive yeast overgrowth problem that I was developing. You name it – antibiotics, birth control, bad eating habits, and even smoking were all causing my body to become the perfect environment for this opportunistic yeast to overgrow.

I ended up being treated for MS with interferon twice a day and a ton of steroids, and yet a year later, I had recovered the movement of my right arm and face, but I still didn’t feel better.

I heard about a wonderful naturopathic doctor in Austin, only a few hours drive from my home. I made an appointment, spent three hours relating my whole health history, and came out empowered and determined to take all the tests she required for a full diagnose.

The tests came back a month later and we were able to discern three things. One, that I had a lot of inflammation in my body. Two, that I had yeast overgrowth. And three, that I was vastly under nourished.

We began an aggressive treatment of multivitamins, minerals, and anti-inflammatory and yeast-combative agents. A year later…I was feeling well, but I still couldn’t lose weight. I stopped the interferon injections, deciding that I really wanted my body to be clean and whole again and not ridden with any unnatural substances. And another year went by – this time, I went on a gluten free, dairy free diet. Alas, finally! I was seeing results, and the weight started coming off. But I still felt “yeasty” – and continued asking my naturopath as to what I could do to finally get this yeast under control.

She recommended I add Candex to the mix of supplements, as well as systemic enzymes to help digest those biofilms that the little buggers sometimes use to shield themselves from the herbs that I was taking that could kill them.

The results WERE INCREDIBLE!!!

They were not immediate. But years of struggling with candidasis and trying all kinds of diets from the The Body Ecology Diet to the GAPS diet had made me realize that getting rid of it when your body is still weak or imbalanced isn’t easy. You need to try a ten-prong approach to deal with this, and it’s going to take patience, perseverance, and passion.

You need to passionately believe that you can overcome this – and you need to be sure, regardless of the delay in results – to take the actions necessary that point towards that same result that you crave.

So in a nutshell, here is basically my protocol, and I really hope it helps you recover your zest for life, your vitality, and most importantly, the power over your own body once more.

1. Supplements – I’ve made a separate blog post listing all of the supplements I take on a daily basis. If you only get three – make sure it is the Colloidal Silver, and the Candex, and the Systemic Enzyme Complex. If you want to see the whole supplement list, click this link to be taken to my post.

2. Green juices – I make these using my favorite blender of all time, the Vitamix. From the moment I saved up and got mine, making green juices has never been this fun or easy. It comes with a recipe book that even showed me that I could make delicious soup (right! WARM DELICIOUS SOUP!) right in my blender. Plus it’s not a “juicer” because it doesn’t extract all that healthy fiber from the fruit and veggies that you blend. Instead, it blends it all together to give you a BOMB of nutrients that you will love.

3. Exercise – I used to love to sprint and hike and do high-intensity exercises. Little did I know that the yeast was wearing my adrenals down considerably year after year, and that having been diagnosed with MS really taxed me emotionally and physically. Trading off the high-action exercise for softer exercise somehow helped my body turn off of that dreaded fight-or-flight response into one of relaxation and calm, which is highly needed for weight loss.

4. Sleep – Because of the yeast overgrowth, I was having trouble sleeping too. I was afraid of getting dependant on any sleeping drug, so I abstained until I heard about melatonin and discussed taking some with my doctor. She highly recommended I take one 3 mg. Melatonin capsule every night, along with two or three Magnesium (Glycinate) capsules. Magnesium is needed for nearly every single process in the body, and this form of magnesium is also relaxing and helps with sleep. It doesn’t hurt that it causes you to poop! Waking up every morning, regularly, to go #2 really helps get things moving down in your gut. You want that stuff out rather than in, feeding that opportunistic candida.

5. Self-love – It’s very easy to get caught in the blame-train when you’re diagnosed with a frightening disease and battle a chronic condition. You keep thinking of all the things you could have done differently to have avoided it. But you know what? The blame-game doesn’t help one bit. It only prevents you from feeling the hope, positivity, and optimism that you can feel when you turn your eye to the present and future as you become a better, more empowered version of you.

6. Clean eating – Okay this is obviously a must. You’ve heard about all the candida diets out there, and to be honest, I believe every one of these diets can work – if you pair them up with yeast-digesting enzymes and a good lifestyle overall. But the one constant in all of these diets is that the foods that you’re putting in your mouth and body are clean, unprocessed, whole foods that your body can easily digest, and derive rich nutrients from. I love eating organic chicken, wild caught salmon, and large green salad with a home-made dressing which consists in mainly olive oil, lemon, salt and pepper. Mmm, so good! Make your plates colorful and attractive. The prettier they are, the easier it will be to leave the junk food behind and enjoy eating clean and healthy.

7 – Down-time – So I’m calling it downtime but this can truly be anything you’d like that you enjoy and nurtures you. It can be meditation, a slow walk with your dog, listening to music or reading a book by the fireplace. In this dog-eat-dog world and crazy competitive workplace, we tend to feel as if resting and relaxing is a bad thing, and sometimes have trouble allowing yourselves a moment to take a decent breath. DO it. Take a decent breath, take TEN in fact. It’s not only good for your mind and your body, but studies prove that people who allow themselves to rest and recover have better overall performance than those who continue allowing themselves to get burned out. So TAKE that moment to dedicate to you and you alone. You’re worth it.

I hope these help and feel free to comment and share YOUR stories. I’m really wishing that everyone who’s suffered from this is able to heal and emerge victorious.

Blissful woman celebrating sport and fitness lifestyle success

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